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The biggest problem with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s proposal to develop the former Fort Lawton for affordable housing near my neighborhood, Magnolia, is that Seattle’s current politicians can’t be trusted.

After building this project out, will we find that City Hall thinks this is the perfect place to locate one of its injection sites, which it won’t allow citizen input on? Will the city practice the same kind of accountability for the new residents that is currently evident all over the streets of Seattle (i.e., no accountability, feel free to use and abuse any drug you want)?

Over and over, our current politicians have taken a we-know-best approach that has led to the most dismal urban environment in my 35 years of residency, so there’s no way I trust them with a massive undertaking at Fort Lawton.

City Hall hasn’t exactly cultivated positive energy with the established nearby community, having mined this high-tax area for decades while all but ignoring local infrastructure and public safety. The classic example of this is the structurally failing Magnolia Bridge, which the city has told local residents will not be replaced.

Eric English, Seattle