Re: “Seattle Archdiocese plan to close churches stirs sadness, anger and resistance” [Aug. 7, Local News]:

I understand the need for reorganizing, and at its worst the need to close and end small businesses, institutions, even churches. What I am struggling with is the process used once again by the Catholic Church.

The recent decisions about closing Catholic churches in the Archdiocese of Seattle are top-down decisions, hierarchical. Working alone behind closed doors instead of engaging each faith community in the entire process, from beginning to end, is the rub. It’s just plain wrong to leave the voice and wisdom of each church community out of the process. Given the opportunity, each faith community might have come up with other solutions, options or not. No matter the outcome, the final decision would have been a shared decision, always more palatable than a pronouncement from above.

Maybe, just maybe, the next round of closures will be led from the bottom up with input and concerns from the top. The process is a shared one, the final decision not a pronouncement, rather a collaboration. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change?

Mary Dispenza, Bellevue