Nina Shapiro’s article on the closing of several well-established Catholic churches with threats of more to come clearly shows the devastating effect this will have on these parishioners’ lives.

However, much of the reasoning for these closures being touted by the Church hierarchy (quoted in the article) do not ring true.

Not long ago, mismanagement by the Archdiocese is suspect as it ordered all churches within its jurisdiction to take pledges from its members in order to implement interior updates. Millions of dollars were procured and ultimately spent on new paint colors, marble tiles, statuary, sound systems, lighting, etc.

My family lives on the Olympic Peninsula and has attended the same Catholic church since it was built. Most of these folks are of modest incomes. At 95 years old, my mother and her church family, shocked at the many costly and unnecessary changes being proposed, voted against the renovation. Their request went unheeded.

My mother and fellow members were correct in their assessment. Now, instead of the faithful attending a well-appointed church, they have no neighborhood church at all.

Babits Faires, Seattle