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A response to John Locatelli’s guest column “How Christians learn to love” [Opinion, July 19]:

One of the principles of interpreting the Bible is that if the principle appears in both the Old and New testaments, it is an important concept and transcends culture. In fact, when Biblical Christianity is introduced into a culture and is accepted by that culture, the culture changes, not the reverse as Locatelli purports. He speaks with a situational ethics point of view, and that is a dangerous road to travel. God gave commandments, not suggestions.

God is indeed love, and the Bible is replete with teachings that define what love is. Moving or altering the goal posts God has set forth is putting human compassion and philosophy above what Scripture teaches. Biblical Christians believe His word is true and prohibits man from interpreting away His clear teachings.

I believe homosexuality is in no way acceptable to God. Only in man’s eye and a liberal interpretation of the Bible is it otherwise. Loving the sinner not the sin is what Biblical Christians do — whether it’s homosexuality, infidelity, unmarried couples living together or other sins.

Help does exist in the Christian community for these people without the compromises in principle Locatelli suggests.

Ronald Bowman, Burien