Thank you for publishing the Op-Ed “Right a wrong: Restore federal recognition to Chinook Indian Nation” by Tony A. Johnson and Brian Baird [May 16, Opinion]:

As a resident and member of clergy in Ocean Park, Long Beach and Seaview for 13 years from 1996 to 2009, I can tell you that the people of Pacific County are well aware that the Chinook Indian Nation does exist. In point of fact, the federal government knows it too, since it asked the Chinook to participate in the Lewis and Clark 200-year anniversary to re-enact the historical meeting between the Chinook Nation and the Lewis and Clark party. It would be odd if the government were to ask an extinct people to take part in a celebration.

I must commend the leaders of the Chinook Nation for continuing to fight for their due despite decades of disappointments and opposition. If we are to move forward to right past wrongs and work for justice for all the peoples of this country, it is essential to stop making people fight for what should clearly be theirs. The Chinook Nation continues to have my support and best wishes.

The Rev. Blaine R. Hammond, Seattle