Re: “Chinatown International District pushes back at expanded homeless shelter. Officials ask where else?” [Sept. 25, Local News]:

The Chinatown International District and Little Saigon are once again being asked to carry the unwanted burden of an undesirable project. The Chinatown ID has not been recognized as the cultural center it could and should be. The area was sliced up by a massive freeway interchange. Next the stadiums were built there. Now the city and county seem to find it appropriate to shelter and house large numbers of those who are homeless in the neighborhood and allow an open-air drug market.

My wife used to shop frequently at Lam’s Seafood Asian Market in Little Saigon, but no more. She has been threatened and harassed in the parking lot by individuals either on drugs or suffering crisis. Viet-Wah Supermarket, started by a Vietnamese refugee, is having to close. Customers and employees are afraid.

The ongoing destruction of Little Saigon and the Chinatown ID represents a racist approach to city politics, which is reprehensible. How do the leaders of our city and county decide where encampments are allowed, shelters built and those who are homeless housed?

It appears our leaders do not care about a culturally unique neighborhood, one where the dreams of refugees and immigrants are now trampled upon.

David Warth, Seattle