Re: “They’ve helped Seattle’s Chinatown International District survive. Now they say government must do more” [Dec. 28, Local News]:

It is so distressing to read about what these businesses and residents have been enduring. And it is heartbreaking and frustrating to see city leaders just standing by helplessly and impotently while their constituents are plagued by endless challenges. King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay, whose district includes Little Saigon, is quoted in the article, saying, “We’re seeing our mental health crisis on display. We’re seeing our addiction crisis. We’re seeing our homelessness crisis,” plus crime. “Everyone in the area is bearing the brunt, whether they’re people on the street, business owners or residents.”

And unfortunately, Seattle City Councilmembers Tammy Morales and Kshama Sawant, who also represent these constituents in parts of this district, are missing in action. Their constituents really do deserve better.

Zelda Foxall, Seattle