Re: “Seattle’s Chinatown ID sees a ‘terrible beauty’ in the fight against a train station” [Aug. 22, Local News]:

At 6:30 a.m. Monday along Fourth Avenue and Jackson Street in Seattle, the streets were full of pedestrians on their way to work and other places, including emerging from light rail and waiting for buses. Sadly, on what was a beautiful morning, citizens had to literally wade through garbage to cross a street or wait for a bus. Abundant litter was overfilling gutters and sidewalks.

The city of Seattle, King County Metro and Sound Transit need to do a much better job making communities and vibrant transit connection points clean and welcoming.

Naomi Ishisaka’s column made me realize what blatant and daily disregard our city demonstrates for the Chinatown International District. I would like to thank her for reminding us that all of us must vigilantly protect and advocate for all our neighborhoods.

Sally Brunsman, Seattle