Re: “Sen. Manchin wants to restrict who gets the child tax credit and his own constituents may pay the price” [Oct. 24, Nation & World]:

The good news is that the Child Tax Credit (CTC) has been expanded and adjusted for this year, lifting millions of children out of poverty. The bad news is that Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has implied that he would not support extending these monthly payments. He complained that there should be a work requirement and a means test.

In a recent vigil held in Washington, D.C., faith leaders questioned whether a year was long enough to make sure children living in poverty had enough food to eat. These leaders drove home the fact that last year, some 23 million children were not eligible to benefit from this tax credit because their families earned too much money. These faith leaders elegantly stated that “raising, nurturing and caring for our children is, in and of itself, a work requirement.” And as for that means test? A means test should test the will and privilege of our well-educated and well-resourced public officials to do the right thing.

The CTC provisions should be made permanent and fully refundable for very-low or no-income families.

Zelda Foxall, Seattle