Re: “I’m not the only mom unable to return to work because of child care” [Nov. 20, Opinion]:

I am so glad we are talking about this. It’s easy for everyone to speak about the labor shortage at a macro level; few are highlighting the underlying reasons as to why so many are unable to enter the workforce.

My sister recently had a child, and her husband had to quit his job because it provided him only one week of paternity leave. They are now faced with the tough decision on what to do once they both return to the workforce. Child care where they live is $2,000 to $3,000 a month (if you are so lucky to find a spot), far more than they are able to afford.

We’ve decided that the only way this works is if our family provides the child care ourselves — each sibling and parent takes a day, until he is old enough to enroll in school. Despite the Tetris we’ll have to play with figuring this out ourselves, we are the lucky ones — not everyone has this luxury.

I hope policymakers move from performative gestures to real, material solutions to this problem — we need action and need it fast.

Hannah Grossblatt, Seattle