Re: “Let voters decide on homelessness proposal this November” [Aug. 31, Opinion]:

The editorial board rightly opposed last year’s Seattle City Council resolution calling for a 50% reduction in the police budget without the members saying what should be cut and how it should be spent. Now the board is urging that voters be given the opportunity to pass Charter Amendment 29, which would require the city to spend a large amount of money on homelessness without raising taxes and without saying where the money should come from. What’s the difference?

CA 29 was introduced by the Downtown Seattle Association and supported by the board to contribute to the defeat of progressive council members in the 2021 election. “If you can’t solve homelessness, we will solve it for you” — without saying where money should come from.

As a former judge, I agree with the King County Superior Court’s conclusion that charter amendments are not intended to pass legislation. As a citizen, I am disappointed in the board’s hypocrisy and its relentless attacks on council members who are totally committed to solving the homelessness crisis.

Jim Street, former Seattle City Council member and Superior Court judge