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Thank you, Woodland Park Zoo docent Sue Connell of Seattle, for your letter in The Times describing some of your visit to the Oklahoma City Zoo to check on Chai’s and Bamboo’s experiences there [“Chai’s death: She was happy at new zoo,” Northwest Voices, Feb. 6].

My sadness, frustration and anger at their not being sent to sanctuary have been partially assuaged, having read her report of Bamboo playing with the other elephants and Chai swimming with Malee, a 4-year-old elephant calf.

I still think elephants have greater opportunities at sanctuaries for roaming freely, socializing with more other elephants, and in general living lives second only to living in the wild,  without the risks of poachers.  However, I feel greatly consoled by Connell’s letter, which clearly described some warm, joyful moments of closeness among Chai, Bamboo and their new family.  I’m thankful that Chai had this and hopefully other happy experiences with the Oklahoma City Zoo herd before she died.

For many of us who are grieving Chai’s death, Connell’s letter can provide some comfort and consolation, for which I’m sincerely grateful.

Kathryn Nelson, Seattle