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“And for your penance” …

Every Catholic church in the United States will be transformed into a homeless shelter; social- and justice-service center; and three-meals-a-day food kitchen for the next 15 years.

The existing clergy, including the brothers and nuns, must minister to the people who have such a need in our society.

The moneys will come from the existing coffers of each diocese with Rome pitching in from the sale of the treasures harbored there.

While opening these buildings, the clergy will work with all social-service agencies in their area that have been striving to achieve justice for all those not served. This work is to firmly establish truly problem solving agencies in perpetuity.

There will be no fathers, sisters, brothers, monsignors, bishops, cardinals or pope. Mr., Ms., Miss or Mrs. or first name-basis will be just fine. Celibacy and virginity will no longer be considered the be all and end all.

I’ve been out of Catholic school for 60 years, and the pope’s current 2,000-word letter states exactly the message the church gave when Ientered the system 72 years ago. It’s still the lay catholics’ fault.

Enough, already.

Joanne Querin-Sorenson, Seattle