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Regarding “Look to B.C. for evidence carbon tax doesn’t work”:

I’m sick and tired of the failure of the 2016 carbon tax initiative being used in Brier Dudley’s column and elsewhere to justify slamming the current effort. The defeat of the 2016 initiative was not a true measure of public sentiment about taxing carbon. It was due in large part to lack of unity among environmental activist groups, which led to a very limited outreach effort before that election. I feel that this time around, we should work for whatever type of carbon tax or fee would be acceptable to most of the citizens.

Using the legislative process rather than an initiative to put through such a complex measure allows all voices to be heard and the bill to be adjusted before final votes are taken. A revenue-neutral carbon “fee and dividend” that would return proceeds to the citizenry and remove many of Dudley’s objections should still be seriously considered.

Deborah Stewart, Seattle