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The Jan. 26 column by Brier Dudley deserves a rebuttal.

He points to an increase in per capita use of fossil fuels in British Columbia from 2013 to 2015. First, this is cherry picking data. Second, it’s relevant that the tax reached a cap in 2012 (a further rise may well have led to a different trend). Finally, the years 2013-2015 coincided with the fall of global oil prices so that the result could more plausibly be used to confirm that prices and consumption are indeed coupled.

The column ignores the many reports that declare the B.C. carbon tax to be a success, including in The Economist, The New York Times, and the Toronto Globe and Mail.

Dudley would prefer that carbon emissions be reduced by regulations. Instead the carbon fee is honest (tax what is bad and support what is needed) and uses market forces to ensure an efficient integration. What could be more American?

Support SB 6203, and let Washington lead.

David Malcolm, Kirkland