Re: “Corporate America lobbies for climate disaster” [Sept. 7, Opinion]: Why does opinion columnist Paul Krugman want to destroy civilization?

Krugman repeatedly and casually discards carbon pricing, the most promising climate change solution in the world.

He admits that “Many economists favor broad-based incentives to limit emissions, such as a carbon tax.” True! More than 3,000 economists favor this approach, including 28 Nobel laureates, and four former chairs of the federal reserve. Whoever is debating the value of carbon pricing cannot come close to these credentials.

Even though he’s going against the huge majority of respected economists, Krugman does have a Nobel Prize in economics. But nothing in his background gives him the expertise to know that carbon taxes are not politically feasible. Krugman’s declarations are a wound to a cause that urgently needs all champions of the Earth to agree.

U.S. Sens. Maria Cantwell, Sheldon Whitehouse, Mitt Romney, Angus King, Lisa Murkowski, and John Hickenlooper have all spoken or acted favorably with regards to carbon pricing. Currently, the Senate Finance Committee, under the leadership of Sen. Ron Wyden, is considering a carbon price as part of the reconciliation package.

Godspeed to the good senators considering carbon pricing. Krugman, please step aside.

Gwen Hanson, Bellevue, MD