Re: “Pass the climate and transportation package now”:

The editorial board’s strong endorsement of our state Legislature’s Forward Washington proposal makes me jump for joy.

This bill, which is linked to “cap and invest” carbon pricing, resonates deeply with so many of us. We understand the urgency of not only investing in transportation infrastructure, but also the urgency of reducing carbon emissions as quickly as possible.

As the clock ticks on this session of our state’s Legislature, we hear another clock ticking — in Congress. There, too, we have a terrific bill waiting to be passed. This bill also prices carbon pollution. It is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. It reduces dangerous emissions to net zero by 2050 and puts money in the pockets of Americans.

I feel momentum building for effective carbon-pollution legislation. Pricing this dangerous source of climate change is effective and fair. Let’s get it done — pronto.

Bobbie Morgan, Bainbridge Island