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Re: “Money rolling in on both sides to finance fight over carbon fee”:

This story announces an important measure that will offer us a chance to do something urgently necessary: put a price on fossil fuel. I hope this time we will actually do it. With a climate denier in the White House, and Congress moving slowly on this, states should act.

Our state can be the engine on this train and build momentum among other states, and eventually the federal government, to do the right thing: pass a carbon fee measure like Initiative 1631. Yes, money rolls in when bills must be passed. What is great about I-1631 is that it was developed with a broad coalition of constituents, including low-income advocacy groups. If you look at who is paying to oppose this critically important initiative, you see an oil company. That speaks volumes.

Let’s grab this opportunity to get a good start on a climate solution right here in Washington. We will lead the charge.

James Morgan, Bainbridge Island