Re: “Washington state’s carbon pricing bill could be most far-reaching in nation. How will it work?” [May 1, Environment]:

The caption accompanying a photo with the article regarding our state’s newly passed carbon pricing legislation noted that airlines are not covered in this program with the hope that biofuels could be the answer. This is a wrong and dangerous path.

Once again, aviation gets a pass when it comes to being held accountable. We cannot, and should not, allow the unmitigated carbon emissions of flight, with its estimated 3.5% global warming effect, continue to go uncounted when it comes to responsibility for our long-term climate crisis.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has set a goal to power every flight fueled there with, at best, a 10% blend of sustainable aviation fuel by 2028. Pinning our hopes on biofuels with other potential alternative technologies also years away will not suffice.

With severe climate impacts happening now, as we are experiencing with our extreme fire season and higher shoreline waters, along with the loss of species and their habitats, we cannot live as good Earth stewards until we create practical and real strategies to curtail all of our emissions. Starting with the new carbon-emissions obligation for some transportation modes and adding requirements for all to participate is a better first step.

Anne Kroeker, Des Moines