Re: “ ‘Speaking up for people who were forgotten … that was amazing’ — A pioneering trooper looks back at her career with the State Patrol”:

The Seattle Times was right to highlight the pioneering career of State Patrol Captain Monica Alexander.

I first met Capt. Alexander when I was a state trooper myself.

Later, as a lawmaker, I was grateful for the opportunity to work with such a class act.

Capt. Alexander brought people together and set a great example of what law enforcement should look like.

She studied hard and worked hard. Treated others with respect. And she inspired other women, including women of color, to seek out careers in law enforcement.


That’s important. Our state troopers, city police officers and county sheriff deputies should mirror the people they serve. We need men and women of all colors and creeds to keep the peace and protect our families and neighborhoods.

Capt. Alexander understood that. She worked on legislation and funding for issues that have been historically ignored, such as testing the backlog of rape kits.

I hope her example, and her stellar career, lives on by inspiring a new generation of women and people of color to serve in law enforcement.

Rep. John Lovick, acting speaker, Washington state House of Representatives