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The Seattle Times has spent a lot of ink promoting a private, for-profit business that is dedicated to ignoring the environment and jeopardizing the health of its customers and community.

I’m talking about the Capitol Hill Block Party this past weekend, which is now a three-night horror of noise pollution that hurts people in the First Hill and Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Seattle who have to work on weekends — or who just want to go to sleep before midnight.

The noise is so loud that even with windows closed, neighbors can’t get to sleep until the noise stops.

And why? Because politicians don’t want to challenge the bar lobby.

The noise also sends the message that Seattle government wants a monoculture, and that if you’re not in your 20s, you’re not welcome in the city.

Having a blast at Block Party,” the Times reported. Yes, it was indeed a blast — a blast against noise regulations, workers and the community.

I realize that individuals like me don’t have the money or political clout to stop the noise. But how about turning it down after 11 p.m.?

Don Glickstein, Seattle