“State’s windfall another strike against capital-gains tax” [March 17, Opinion] argues the state “has enough money to provide necessary government services critical to the pandemic recovery.”

The Seattle Times solicits Funds for the Needy, to which my family annually contributes. It would be better if the state had fewer people who needed to depend on contributions. If we had sufficient tax dollars, perhaps we could begin to remedy the persistent problems (homelessness, addiction, salmon recovery, on and on) that have plagued the state since long before the pandemic.

It’s time to try something different, a tax on capital gains. There are many reasons why wealthy people choose to live here — the incredible beauty of the place looms large. The idea that a significant number of the 16,000 to 18,000 residents subject to the new tax might leave the state, as the editorial suggests, seems highly unlikely, especially given recent trends.

Laureen France, Seattle