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I join former Gov. Dan Evans, who in his Op-Ed wholeheartedly urged legislators to pass the capital budget.

I represent some of the real people being hurt by this impasse. Our nonprofit, Nexus Youth and Families, supports more than 5,000 at-risk and in-crisis youth across greater South King County. Long-needed repairs and updates to basic amenities at our building are being held up by the stalled budget. We currently have no way to get fresh air in and out of parts of the building, causing discomfort to our staff and some of our young people who are trying to turn their lives around.

The youth of our county shouldn’t suffer because of politics. They deserve better.

They are among thousands of Washingtonians already impacted. Additionally, our state stands to lose approximately $260 million in sales-tax revenue from infrastructure projects such as ours, affecting even more programs trying to do good work.

As Evans stated, the time for solutions and leadership is now — our community depends on it.

Michael A. Jackson, Development Director, Nexus Youth and Families, Auburn