Re: “ ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests disrupt another U.S.-Canada border crossing as more arrests are made” [Feb. 9, Nation & World]:

The current illegal and unethical truckers’ blockade of Canada-U.S. highways should be immediately cleared. The illegal blockers are shutting down the jobs of millions of workers in both countries and bottling up an annual $700 billion cross-border trade.

The leaders promised to limit the protest to three days. It has now been more than 12 days with no end in sight. They are demanding that the legally elected government resign before they will stop the blockade. That demand, combined with attacks on government offices and officials, have moved their actions from peaceful protest to violent insurrection.

One day’s notice to each trucker, backed up with the promise of a $1,000 a day fine and the forced removal of any trucks continuing to block the highways after the deadline should make the point.

Governments in a democracy exist to protect the rights and promote the common welfare of all citizens, not to be held captive by the extortion tactics of a small minority.

Charles A. Blick, Tacoma