Re: “Bloomberg proves doubters wrong — now comes the hard part” [Feb. 19, Opinion]:

I appreciated columnist Aaron Blake’s thoughtful review of Michael Bloomberg’s unconventional campaign thus far, in advance of March, the most significant month to come in terms of winning delegates.

But I’d like to add another thought about Bloomberg’s well-funded television campaign: He didn’t spend months crisscrossing Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina. Nice that the rich guy doesn’t have to get his hands as dirty on the campaign trail as his fellow Democrats. What I appreciate about the others (and what Barack Obama said time and time again) is that doing so gives them a real sense of America — the everyday folks working their everyday lives, whether in red or blue states, urban or rural settings, black churches or country cafes.

We don’t need a virtual president. We need a real president who will stand for hours meeting and taking selfies with thousands of folks, who will shake their hands, look them in the eyes and really hear what they’re saying.

I am done with entitled, rich (usually white male) people buying their way into our presidency. I want a candidate who’s been changed by meeting the American people.

Katy Lloyd, Seattle