Re: “We need a constitutional amendment on money in politics” [Oct. 3, Opinion]:

Finally, a political problem on which all of us can take action. Jeff Clements’ Op-Ed advocated for campaign-finance reform, and he hit this on the nose.

The treacherous system of legal bribery that exists in the United States, helped by the Supreme Court, must be fixed now. Washington state residents have an opportunity to take effective action today. I’m calling on all of you to join me in asking legislators to pass Senate Joint Memorial 8002 in the coming session. It calls on the U.S. Congress to propose an amendment to end the destructive influence of big and dark money in campaigns. If Congress does not act by 2024, the legislation adds Washington to the states that have already called for a convention to propose the amendment under Article V. This amendment would also protect Washington state’s current and future campaign finance legislation. Please go to and urge your state representatives to pass SJM8002.

Maybe it’s too late. Policies funded by big and dark money are killing Americans and others worldwide. You can at least say you did something to save our mortally wounded democratic republic.

Sarah Steever, Gold Bar