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Yes, bicyclists need to get the Burke-Gilman missing link in place [“Steps taken to close trail’s missing link,” Feb. 16, NWThursday, Page B4].

Some bicyclists do not pay any attention to lights, pedestrians or cars. Case in point: one day I was walking on the right side of the sidewalk here in downtown Ballard. A young man almost ran into me as he texted and rode his bike at the same time.

I’ve seen bicyclists ride through red lights at the same time the cars are waiting for the light to change. They weave through all the pedestrians, little dogs and small children.

We live where five streets converge in a hospital/residential area. There are at least two stop signs bicyclists run right through — or come out from a side street onto the main street without a pause.

I have seen bicyclists make hand signals and act responsibly. All of us, car drivers, buses, trucks, even us pedestrians need to realize we are not living on an island.

Good luck on the planning for the missing trail link. If there is a will on the part of all participants, there is a way.

Dorothy A. Anderson, Seattle