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Send your comments to the EPA

I appreciate Helen Cherullo’s informative and important essay on the Opinion page July 22, “The peril of mining pristine headwaters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay.”

Since the president and his Environmental Protection Agency minions value short-term profits above everything else, including the long-term health of the largest wild sockeye fishery in the world, it is up to everyone else to send their comments to the EPA during this 90-day comment period.

Let’s stand up for the Bristol Bay fishery and all the jobs and revenue it provides – not to mention food security for the local tribes.


Jerome Chroman, Seattle


Reread ‘The Land Ethic’

Helen Cherullo’s timely and informative essay on Bristol Bay illustrates perfectly the central argument of Aldo Leopold’s seminal essay “The Land Ethic,” from his 1949 book “A Sand County Almanac.”

Leopold writes that “a thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” Cherullo’s description of the ecological devastation that the Pebble Mine would create in the Bristol Bay watershed clearly demonstrates why this mine would be “wrong” in Leopard’s terms, and why this project should therefore never proceed.

We must indeed speak out against this environmental monstrosity, and we should also reacquaint ourselves with Leopard’s profound and brilliant essay.


Michael Shurgot, Seattle