In Karl W. Smith’s column, he compares U.S. health care and tax structure to those of Scandinavian countries, as well as the New Deal to social democracy.

In his last paragraph, he points out that expansions to the U.S. “entitlement” programs would require higher taxes.

I get it. What he fails to point out is that people like me and my wife (north of 66 and 58 years old) pay more than $1,400 per month in insurance premiums, most of that for catastrophes only, meaning that I pay another $6,000 before getting a cent of coverage. So, using chain-saw math, $23,000 a year for insurance.

I would be happier to pay more taxes than I pay now and less than an additional $23,000 a year for more and better coverage than to pay premiums to an insurance company for suspect coverage.

Ballan Campeau, Bainbridge Island