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In the Jan. 30 article on state GOP reaction to President Trump’s executive ban on refugees,you write that my congressman, Rep. Dave Reichert, of the 8th Congressional District, has “not much” to say about Trump’s recent executive order banning refugees.

I believe this is unfair. He was clearly critical of the implementation, called the apprehension of travelers “improper” and reminded Trump of “our nation’s dedication to compassion and religious freedom.”

Reichert is one of those rare politicians who work effectively on smart, bipartisan solutions to geopolitical and trade issues, such as successfully passing the Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development (READ) Act, a bill introduced by Reichert himself together with Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., which expands children’s access to education around the world.
When I first came to America as a young man 30 years ago, America represented all the lofty ideals of compassion, education, freedom and justice. America truly was great. It is good to know that some of our politicians, like Reichert, still remember what America truly stands for. I call upon Reichert to keep on keeping America great and to oppose all of President Trump’s foolish, destructive and quite possibly unconstitutional executive orders that do the exact opposite.

Ian James, Issaquah

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