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Mom’s memories

As the mother of two Eagle Scouts, I was appalled and horrified at President Donald Trump’s speech at the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree.

The Jamboree is an event where scouts from all over the country can become acquainted with one another. When my youngest son attended the Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Jamboree in 1977, he told me that the scouts traded their councils’ badges with one another. He brought lots of them home to remember his once-in-a-lifetime scouting event.

It is not a “political rally” for Trump to brag about his winning the electoral count. It is not an event to put down President Obama to make the scouts cheer. I don’t know what more to say other than I am truly angry that Trump gets away with this kind of behavior.

Barbara Ross, Sequim



Missed opportunity

President Trump’s speech to the 40,000 Boy Scouts at their National Jamboree was an embarrassment to the office of the president. This was an opportunity for him to speak words of hope and inspiration for the attendees. Instead, he chose to brag and moan about issues that should not have been addressed with that audience.

As one who attended the 1969 National Jamboree, I am glad that I did not have to sit through such a travesty. The man is a true dumpster fire in progress — and I fear it is getting worse by the day.

Thomas G. Neill, Seattle



The right words

Top reasons President Trump should thank the Boy Scouts:

For participating in a historic organization that, though flawed, seeks to strengthen the journey from boyhood to manhood; for honoring the environment and learning outdoor skills to savor the natural world and teach others; for bringing parents, mentors and the community into the world of building meaning in life; for recognizing that people of all orientations, creeds and faiths must be included to create a vision our country; for honoring work as a duty and a role for building skills, knowledge and character in a vibrant society; for sharing a sense of adventure and desire to be a part of something larger than yourself;

I celebrate your journey and thank you for your continuing service.

Boy Scouts and many similar programs help children to have hope, will and capacity to succeed.

Carol Reich, Bellevue



Scout Law

As our state’s first and only 12 year-old Eagle Scout — and who was honored to be the scribe of the select North Central Washington troop at the 1969 National Jamboree — I am appalled, shocked and disgusted by President Trump’s bizarre tirade at this year’s Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree.

Forget about being unqualified for president. He’s unqualified even to be a Boy Scout, breaking every one of the 12 points of the Scout Law: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent.

Scouting taught me all of those things and more. Perhaps the president — or his staff — should have made the Scout Law required reading before going on stage.

Clarence Moriwaki, Bainbridge Island