Re: “Biden should finish the wall”:

Columnist Bret Stephens called for President Joe Biden to finish building the U.S.-Mexico border wall. However, more than 70 organizations have called upon the administration to remove the wall and restore the ravaged landscape.

What Stephens didn’t describe is the terrible destruction reaped upon the land with mountaintops dynamited, pristine wetlands invaded, riverine canyons trashed, aquifers depleted and wildlife sanctuaries destroyed. He ignored the threat to ocelot, jaguars, armadillos, Mexican wolves and 70 other species of wildlife that cross the border on regular migratory and habitat movements whose continued existence is being jeopardized.

He didn’t write about the wall being built several miles inside the border in numerous places on private land taken by eminent domain from protesting landowners. He didn’t acknowledge the border communities that oppose the wall. He didn’t disclose the ineffectiveness of the wall when it is already being breached.

Biden should see that the border wall is removed while calling for a Marshall Plan that will establish safe, productive communities south of the border, enabling people to remain in places that are familiar to them. Finish the wall? Not on your life. Tear it down!

John Shellenberger, Des Moines