Re: “Border Patrol will deploy elite tactical agents to sanctuary cities, raising fears of escalation” [Feb. 15, A1]:

This article brought tears to my eyes. We have not learned from the past. We have not taken into our national psyche the values upon which we were founded as a nation proclaiming freedom.

We have not learned from the German-Jewish experience of Kristallnacht. We have not learned the lessons from within our own nation when we interned Japanese American citizens and others during World War II. Using elite SWAT-style troops in our cities to round up like cattle people who are assumed to be “enemies” of our country because of paperwork is anathema to our stated national values.

Does Lady Liberty, standing in New York Harbor, still demonstrate and proclaim our national values? Is it time to tear her down and send her to the recycler if we no longer stand for what we say? Are we speaking out of both sides of our mouth? Who are we as a nation and what do we really stand for and believe?

Sister Jo Ann Showalter, SP, Seattle