Re: “Seattle rocket scientists turn attention to mining, nearing completion of zero-emission engine on huge, industrial dump truck” [Sept. 6, Environment]: This perpetuates disinformation about hydrogen as a zero emission energy/fuel source. Though hydrogen itself has zero emissions, the production of hydrogen can result in substantial carbon emissions making it critical to distinguish between technologies for producing hydrogen. While so-called green hydrogen, derived from water, is produced with zero emissions, the production of ‘blue’ hydrogen results in sizable carbon emissions.

Blue hydrogen, promoted by the fossil fuel industry in one of their many disinformation campaigns as a zero emission energy source, is derived from “natural” gas. Natural gas extraction releases methane into the atmosphere, and is a contributor of the net global warming over the last several decades. Blue hydrogen relies on deceptive and ineffective carbon capture technologies and is still worse for the climate than burning coal.

Blue hydrogen will lock-in continued fossil fuel use that guarantees we fail to meet decarbonization goals. Unfortunately, many policy makers are focused on the zero emission aspect of Blue hydrogen as an energy source, and are ignorant of the substantially increased carbon emissions that will result from its production.

Scott Patterson, Bothell