Re: “Don’t further burden taxpayers to fund Seattle, King County governments” [Sept. 26, Opinion]:

Seattle is a progressive and generous place, where ballot initiatives, bond issues and tax increases are routinely approved to support good parks, schools and social programs. In addition, the local economy has been booming for years, which should have increased local government income from taxes, fees and investments.

Yet we live in a city where the police do not respond, public schools are in trouble, street and park maintenance has been deferred for years, and problems with crime, homelessness and mental health continue to spiral out of control.

Now, new taxes are proposed to cover the cost of services we already pay for but do not receive. The explanation, as the editorial says, is that our taxes are being wasted on bloated and growing administrative costs.

Like many others, we recently retired, thanks to the pandemic. Our income is shrinking as the financial markets sink and Social Security fails to keep up. We cannot support more funding for local governments that are wasting the funds they already receive.

Christopher Kirk, Seattle