Re: “Bald eagles are getting a little too comfortable at Cedar Hills landfill” [Feb. 18, A1]:

The fact that birds are being harassed with fireworks because they have become a “nuisance” is very sad, particularly after recent reports about the rapid decline of multiple bird species and insects due to climate change.

The problem of birds feeding at the landfill could be greatly reduced or solved if people would simply stop putting food in their trash. We all have access to composting using our green bins. The birds would be better off if everyone emptied food waste into their green bins and rinsed all containers before disposing of the ones that cannot be recycled. Using our alternative bins is easy and only requires developing the habit of using them correctly.

In addition to sparing hungry birds, good habits will make the landfills last much longer, too. Please don’t sacrifice birds for our citizens’ bad habits.

Judy Jopling, Seattle