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Helmet saved me

I respectfully disagree with David Gutman’s assessment that helmet laws are hurting the bike-share programs. [“Will helmet law kill Seattle’s ailing bike-sharing project, Page One, Dec. 19.]

As a bike-accident survivor with a traumatic brain injury, my helmet saved my brain and life. Without it I’d be much more disabled than I currently am. You’re welcome to visit and see my helmet any time.

Seattle’s real hurdle is the hills and traffic. Seattle is difficult by bike even at the best of times because of the hills. The hills make the city bike accessible to only the most regular cyclists, who have their own bikes.

The traffic in this town is very dangerous for cyclists. Rush hour is hideous and makes impatient drivers more hostile to cyclists, and oblivious.

After 13 years of bike commuting, 2013 was to be my last. It was just too dangerous out there. The year of my accident, I avoided two close calls before getting bit by the trolley tracks.

Downtown and our busier neighborhoods are highly risky for cyclists. Save the money for helmet programs and encouraging ride-share programs.

Melissa Riesland, Seattle