The reintroduction of the business head tax by Seattle City Councilmembers Kshama Sawant and Tammy Morales is the height of irresponsibility. Only an ideologue could survey the current landscape — an economy in induced coma, a downtown deserted and a business climate of unparalleled uncertainty — and think, “Now’s a splendid time to put a tax on job creation!”

Taxing something can have two effects: either less of the activity (see: smoking, cigarette) or sending it to more hospitable locales (think liquor runs to Oregon). How many businesses will cap hiring to stay under the threshold? And, as remote workers settle into the new pandemic routine, companies large and small are going to re-evaluate the need for expensive, high-density office space. What if Amazon, always the bête noire for the “pay-your-fair-share” crowd, decides to reduce its South Lake Union footprint and move the titular headquarters to Bellevue?

More maddening is the plan for the funds, including green-energy projects, when the West Seattle Bridge, a critical piece of city infrastructure, sits as a cracked, unusable monument to failure. All those idling cars meandering down to Georgetown will more than offset a few thousand homes going solar.

The unintended consequences of this measure will be devastating.

Matthew Bastian, West Seattle