Re: “On his ‘Best day ever!’ Jeff Bezos traveled to space — and spurred a backlash” [July 20, Business]:

Climate-neutral future?

I have been eagerly waiting to hear how Mr. “Climate Pledge” will be offsetting the greenhouse-gas and other climate effects from his recent rocket trip. I assume someone of his stature and record of supporting efforts to fight climate change will be applying those standards to his own personal actions.

Even better, perhaps there will be an announcement that all Blue Origin rocket flights will be 100% climate neutral due to climate offsets and other efforts.

Donald Janssen, Seattle

Climate damage

Am I the only person who fears that the Jeff Bezos’ and Richard Branson’s space flights add substantially to the environmental climate damage that the rest of the planet’s population is so desperately hoping to slow or thwart?

Reiner Decher, Bellevue

Making Earth uninhabitable

The only reason I can imagine that anyone would choose to live on a spaceship was that the Earth became uninhabitable. Jeff Bezos and his carbon-spewing rockets are helping to make that happen.

Thomas Alden, Bellingham

Carbon footprint

I’m happy that Jeff Bezos had his “best day ever,” but I wonder what it will do to his carbon footprint for the year.

Not only did Amazon employees pay for Bezos’ jaunt into space, but the planet and the rest of mankind will have to live with the consequences.

So much for the Climate Pledge Arena. Are carbon offsets included in the price of a ticket on Blue Origin?

David Malcolm, Kirkland