There should be hard questions before conflict. Are we helping a country or seeking a strategic foothold at the invitation of one faction? Might lifestyle changes prevent a resource war? Before deployment, there should be debate by leaders with nothing to gain by their decision. Before bombardment, there should be prayer seeking guidance so the aftermath isn’t worse than the wrong we fight.

Imagine war coming to your city. You’re startled out of sleep by explosions. Sirens wail. No cell service. No stations on the air. You pull your terrified children out of bed, grab a few things. Highways are blocked. Your spouse is at work, your mother across town. There were rumors, but politicians always talk. This can’t be happening. This is war for ordinary families.

I support our troops wholeheartedly, but war sends them into danger. Some never come home. Some return devastated. All come back changed. Prayerfully and seriously consider when and why this country engages in battle. Don’t get caught up in a wave of manipulated popular opinion, enriching those whose only real concern is that the profits of destruction continue.

Mary Engleman, Tacoma