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Those who opposed the confirmation of Betsy DeVos to become the next Secretary of Education faulted her and her children for not having any experience with public education.

No mention was made of the fact that Barack Obama graduated from the private Punahou School in Hawaii, nor that his daughters attended Sidwell Friends School, a private school in Washington, D.C., as did the children of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and Joe Biden’s grandchildren. Major Gen.

John Stanford was probably one of the best superintendent of public schools in Seattle. He did not have a teaching background but was an excellent leader.

Spending per student in Washington schools has increased by 43 percent in the last decade. The cost today is $12,652 per student, more than the tuition at some private schools. The educational results have not improved. Education delivery needs a change. Competition and freedom-of-education choice should be given a chance. DeVos could help implement this change.

Bob Dorse, Seattle