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Does Ken Zeichner really believe that Donald Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education is a potential “disaster” and that her appointment would “harm many children” [“Betsy DeVos would be a disaster for public education,” Opinion, Nov. 30].  Or is he in reality more frightened that someone might actually challenge his predisposed affection for an educational system that currently ranks 14th in the world and 17th in performance?

Maybe the fashionable office he resides in there on Montlake has hidden his eyes from our escalating drop-out rates and the high-rising discipline and drug and mental-health issues that are becoming more and more the norm for our public schools.

I’m sorry, but I find his opinion of Betsy DeVos and her qualifications to be those of a man Mark Twain once described as being “someone who was educated far beyond his intelligence.”

Dan Hickman, Bellevue

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