The evaluation and reporting issues raised by the investigation in “Upbeat image of massive Best Starts for Kids levy doesn’t tell King County voters full story” [July 15, Local News] reminds me of some of the questions I have submitted to the county when I reviewed annual reports of the countywide Mental Illness Drug Dependency (MIDD) Behavioral Health Sales Tax Fund (0.1% sales tax). In MIDD’s case, rigorous evaluation would provide for a well-paved road to recovery.

Best Start for Kids’ budget is more than twice the size of MIDD, and both are important to the health and well-being of residents. We must look beyond achievements and reveal legitimate areas for improvements, articulate them and show progress. Until we do that at a minimum, we’re not giving kids their best shot, and we continue to enable a behavioral health care system in need of help.

Laura Van Tosh, Seattle