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The activity of the Bellevue parents is the main argument that has me, an Eastside Catholic alumnus, stalled [“Goncharoff files notice that he will sue,” Sports, Aug. 25]. Why would they attend district meetings by the hundreds not once or twice, but over and over again? Why would they pay such high legal fees in order to play a few extra games? Has the press so humiliated them personally that they’re attempting to redeem themselves legally?

A less obvious reason is that they find their coaches Butch Goncharoff and Pat Jones unparalleled mentors for their kids. Jones has eight children because he adopts kids whose parents abandoned them. Goncharoff, who has received numerous job offers at prestigious and well-paying universities, is determined to stay in Bellevue high school so he could dedicate his time to his wife and daughter.

When Goncharoff and Jones began coaching together, they constructed a blueprint: make kids better people, teach them to see the qualities in themselves that they do not see and then teach them to pass it on to others.

These seem to be the type of coaches that we want our kids exposed to and modeled after.

Luke Richardson, Bellevue