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‘Start listening’

Could we start listening with some degree of respect to what the other side is saying, instead of scorning them because they are not our “party”?

Democrats, consider the possibility that a moderate Republican might offer you a good idea. Republicans, consider the possibility that a moderate Democrat might offer you a good idea.

If we don’t listen, then the extremes take over. And it’s pretty clear that the hateful rhetoric of the far right, and the hateful rhetoric of the far left, are exactly the same energy.

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Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom


‘Wake-up call’

In this quarrelsome time, I was heartened by the nonpartisan remarks of President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and particularly House Speaker Paul Ryan in response to the tragic and apparently partisan attack on Congress at a quiet baseball field.

I hope this senseless act of violence is a wake-up call to the entire nation that our political discourse needs to return to a more responsible sense of civility on both sides, especially in our rapidly moving digital age. All our words and actions need to be guided by the bond of our common humanity, both at home and abroad.

Wesley Miller, Maple Valley



The problem is not that the politics of the U.S. is divided, the political parties are divided. End this travesty or you will see more shootings and killings.

We are one nation under God. That includes the National Rifle Association as well as all of us. Moderation is the only answer.

Jim Morris, Renton