Re: “Neither side is telling you the full story about the mess at the border”:

It is my sincere hope that all of the Democratic presidential candidates and liberal leaning people read and digest the information brought forward by columnist Cynthia M. Allen. We as a nation need to get real on the subject of immigration. I believe this issue to be the Achilles’ heel of the Democratic Party and fear that without introspection on this issue, President Donald Trump will easily be the victor in the 2020.

I watched with horror in the second Democratic debate as all the candidates indicated with raised hands that they would not seek to deport a person found illegally residing in the U.S. providing that person was not convicted of serious crime. What a gift for Trump. I’m relatively certain each candidate would support the notion that we are a “nation of laws.” However, their show of hands seems a serious gap in the understanding of that concept.

Balance is needed in this discussion. It’s time to put away the flash cards and begin to think critically about this and other topics.

Terry Vallon, Carnation