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Just when there was a whiff of practical thinking (reversing the head tax) coming from Seattle’s City Council, it reverts to form and proposes more backyard rentals, less resident ownership and a cap of 2,500 feet of aboveground construction on a new house, to “preserve our housing stock,” says Councilmember Mike O’Brien.

Were you worried that your neighbor would raze their 80-year-old one-bathroom charmer and replace it with a modern three-bedroom, three-bath “mansion”? No more. Now you’ll keep that ancient beauty next door with the added bonus of a low-budget rental in the backyard (no parking required). Your neighbors can move to Bellevue, but trust they’ll have responsible renters taking good care of that historic roof and landscaping.

You can drive through O’Brien’s utopian future today — in the University District. You’ll see plenty of classic Seattle homes there, full of renters and crowded on-street parking.

Seriously? To find public servants as out of touch with reality you’d have to go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Eric Verzuh, Seattle