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Washington needs to create a strong and more secure voter-registration system that takes our state into the 21st century.

Automatic voter registration (AVR), now common in nine states, can help us do that. State Rep. Zach Hudgins, D-Tukwila, introduced an AVR bill this past week in the current legislative session that would help Washington standardize voter registration and bring the state into the digital age. Gov. Jay Inslee echoed his support for AVR on Tuesday in his state of the state address.

AVR would register all eligible voters when they interact with state agencies unless they choose to opt out of registration, eliminating the need for outdated paper forms and complicated registration deadlines.

Voting is a fundamental right at the core of our democracy. I believe it is the responsibility of the state to protect this right for all citizens. Legislators should act fast on this no-brainer improvement to our system. It’s an easy win for all of us and one that will ensure the integrity of our democratic system for all future generations to come.

Miguel Jimenez, Seattle