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Regarding the editorial, “Tell the full story at Hanford Park”: The statement, “culminating in the United States ending a war it did not start” certainly summarizes the matter.

A letter in the same edition seems to make the U.S. the guilty party in the development of nuclear weapons and conveniently makes no mention of what Japan did on Dec. 7, 1941 [“Hanford museum: Let’s show courage,” Aug. 8, Northwest Voices, Opinion]. I call that conveniently selective history. Indeed, it is certainly unfortunate that it was necessary to deploy nuclear weapons to end the war.

Nuclear weapons are terrible instruments. But consider that no matter how messed up international relations have been since those two bombs were dropped, there has been no use of nuclear weapons in any conflict since then. As ballistic-missile submarines deploy from the Bangor submarine base on Hood Canal, they are going out on deterrent patrols. Note the qualifying word “deterrent.” I would say that so far they have been successful in their mission.

The editorial ends with “Let It Not Happen Again.” Agreed. But I also would add, as is often said to conclude Memorial Day services, “Lest We Forget.”

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Norman Marten, Bainbridge Island