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On Arctic oil drilling [“Shell oil rig arriving Thursday is just the start of Arctic drilling fleet,” Local News, May 14]: As of right now, it is a very necessary and economically empowering.

But everyone, not just Seattleites, need to understand the enormous enviromental threat that Arctic drilling poses. It is imperative that fuel alternatives be found that are sustainable.

Arctic drilling is a horrible thing from an environmentalist’s point of view. That’s unquestionable. Arctic drilling is a fantastic thing from an economic standpoint. That’s unquestionable. The Earth is pretty important, and so is money.

Rather than trying to place one over the other, people should work toward alternatives that will hopefully someday make oil an obsolete source of energy, while still creating revenue for the city. At this point, there is going to be drilling in the Arctic, and the Port of Seattle will be hosting some of the equipment used for drilling. If it is doing us economic good, it is unlikely that it will be removed.

If a change is what people want, then a systematic change needs to be made. Seattle boycotting the drilling would only send revenue somewhere else and would in no way fix the problem.

Tyler Laboda, Seattle